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The Miracle Ball Method

Every time I purchase a well reviewed (4 or 5 stars) product on Amazon, my faith in humanity goes up a notch.  Seriously though, when a group of well meaning people come together on a forum to honestly critique a product, it cuts through the clutter of generic advertising pitches and testimonials to get to the truth which is – does this thing work or not?  The Miracle Ball really does reduce muscle tension especially in the hip flexor region, where I need it the most!

Ever since my physiotherapist recommended this type of stretching, I’ve been looking for a rubbery ball with the right level of compression.  I had a good feeling about the Miracle Ball since it’s been specifically designed for muscle and joint pain.  I wasn’t wrong – This stretchy latex ball provides the perfect amount of compression pretty much right out of the box (though adding a bit more air for extra tight muscles, wouldn’t hurt). As Elaine Petrone (founder) explains in this interview, The Miracle Ball Method “reduces the excess muscle tension in your body and as a result your body begins to self align”.

As I’ve mentioned several times in this blog, my Sciatica can become crippling at times.  Centered around the gluteus maximus, the pain radiates down my left leg into the ankle.  So here’s the exercise I did within 5 minutes of opening the Miracle Ball Method, demonstrated by Dr. John Blenio.  He uses the ball to roll both his glute maximus and glute minimus to stretch out ligaments and piriformus.  And as he mentions in response to one of the comments in the video, if it ‘hurts so good’…the ball is working!  Much like the Nayoya Acupressure Back Mat, the Miracle Ball basically drains stress from your body the deeper you sink into it.

The only minor problem that I have with the Miracle Ball is that there’s a sticky film on it so give em’ wash before you using.

The Miracle Ball Method also comes with an easy to read 290 page booklet with detailed descriptions and photographs of exercises, breathing techniques and proper body positioning.

Renee Millman demonstrates how to message the piriformis muscle to reduce Sciatic nerve pain with a tennis but the same results, if not better (b/c you can increase or decrease air pressure), can be achieved by the Miracle Ball.


Here’s a link to an un-boxing of my Miracle Ball Method to give you an idea of what you get right out of the box.

Keep well everyone.

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