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Lower Back And Shoulder Joint Heat Wrap

I winter’s up here in Canada are cold and on the recommendation of my chiropractor I purchased this Lower Back and Shoulder Heat Wrap to warm my bones during the deep freeze.  I surprised to find how comfortable this wrap is with it’s fleece like outer material.  Much more useful than a heating pad as you can sit or walk around in it though I usually have to tie a double knot on the strap.  Way better than the velcro strapped gizmo I used previously to this.  The only minor complaint I would have is that if you overheat, the flax seeds inside will burn and stink up the room, so follow the instructions by gradually heating in the microwave.

  • 100% polyester, 100% cotton
  • Made in the USA and Imported
  • Treats shoulder and lower back muscles, large heating area, 10 inches by 18 inches weighs 2 and half pounds
  • Ideal for shoulder joint pain and lower back pain treats back and shoulder muscle groups
  • The wrap is extra long: total 58 inches long enough for a large person to tie the wrap around their body it stays on the shoulder or around your waist when you move around
  • The heat lasts for half an hour fleece protects the skin from excessive heating and burns
  • Filled with all-natural flax seeds the heat wrap is constructed with multiple channels so the filling will not shift to one end during use


And here’s me wearing my Sunny Bay Body and Shoulder Heat Wrap.

Note: I’m a 32″ waist.

sunny bay heat wrap me pics

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