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Sennheiser Wireless Headphone

Ok, so here’s my story…with a happy ending.  For those of us that suffer from constant back pain, well know, getting comfortable on a couch, a bed, a recliner etc..can be a huge challenge.  And once your settled in and you’re ready to watch TV or Youtube, you really don’t want to move.  And that’s the huge benefit to having a solid pair of wireless headphones that let you stay in one position without struggling to hear sound on any audio playback device.

Some basic observations about the Sennheiser RS 180:

  • Lightweight.  So lightweight that you’ll forget that you wearing them.
  • Cover your entire ear with a soft spongy fabric.  Again, back to comfort!
  • Super easy to charge.  Just put them back on the charging cradle and wait a few hours.
  • Good quality sound with a fairly flat EQ response.  Without getting to nerdy, they don’t boost the sound in any weird or artificial way.
  • Only real criticism, not the easiest to turn on while wearing the headphones.  You have to sort of feel for the power button.  But turning the volume up is much easier as it’s a bigger button.

Without exaggeration, because I live in a condo that has a fair bit of ambient noise at all times, I wear these headphones everyday for watching TV, listening to podcasts, listening to music…heck, anything that requires hearing audio.  This headset has been one of the single biggest improvements in my life as I can get comfortable then not have to shift to listen on any of my electronic devices.  Also  great for not bothering others in the house or just walking around without missing the audio action.

Keep well everyone,

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