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Quickie Tile n’ Tub Scrubber

Over the years, my back has had some ups and downs making household tasks extremely challenging.  Specifically, cleaning the bathroom which usually requires intense pressure to wipe away built-up dirt and grime in often awkward positions,  has turned into a torturous routine that has the potential to wrecks me for days.

And then – on a random Thursday during the holidays, I saw it…a TV ad for what seemed like the obvious answer to all my tub thumping woes – The Quickie Tile n’ Tube Pro Scrubber.  Basically, a glorified sander with a few attachments, this little gizmo seemed like the perfect solution to hard labor in the bathroom. So a few clicks later, I was heading towards a scrub free life.

Let’s get to it – my unboxing and quick tutorial of the Quickie Tile n’ Tub Scrubber:


As seen in the video above, here’s what it comes with:

  • Waterproof rotating head
  • Two detachable brushes for cleaning both large and small areas
  • Aluminum handle extends to 21 inches.

The Pros:

  • Powerful rotating heads that really cut through dirt and grime.
  • Strong bristles and light enough to manoeuvre around corners.
  • Last 20-30 minutes on just one charge and compact enough to store inside cabinets.
  • Great value considering how much it can cut down on scrub time.

The Cons:

  • Takes a long time to charge initially and don’t see a green light to indicate it’s fully charged
  • A bit awkward around faucets and handles…use two hands!

Keep well everyone,

Buy It On Amazon Here: Quickie Tub n’ Tile Pro Scrubber

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