Discectomy Pain

Firefly 2

Before I launch into the review of the Firefly 2, let’s begin with a basic question: why would anyone with backpain want to vape in the first place…?  Isn’t taking CBD oil enough to relieve inflammation and chronic nerve pain caused by degenerative, herniated discs?  One of the biggest reasons to vape is that it is the quickest way for cannabis to enter your system allowing for almost immediate pain relief from a more concentrated dosage.

CBD and THC can be be mixed and blended in many ways, and different delivery methods (vaping/ingesting/applying) giving you not only convenience and lifestyle choices, but options with regards to speed, duration and bioavailability of these chemical compounds into your body.

For example, if you want gradual relief over a longer timespan, then you would look into oils and edibles.  However, you need immediate relief with a higher dosage entering your system per intake, then a vaporizer might just be for you.  You can read more about it in this blogpost over at Leafly.

The the Firefly 2 is an excellent introduction into vaping with an extremely simple and elegant design. Though it comes with an app for those who like to fiddle with temperature settings and check battery life, it’s straightforward, two-button design gives you all that you need…a quick way to vaporize and ingest dry cannabis.

If you’re looking for more specs, try this, and if you want to watch me unbox my Firefly 2, here you go.


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