Discectomy Pain

Roborock S7+

Recently,  I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain radiating down my left leg.  I know why this is happening, and also know that if it gets worse, like it did in 2015 – I could be facing yet another surgery to reduce the sciatic nerve pain.

All of this to say, my approach to physical activity which includes household chores, is to work smarter – not harder.  And that’s why the Roborock S7+ (robot vac + auto-emptying docking station)  has completely changed the way I manage my home.  This rather pricey robot allows me to set it, and forget it when it comes to vacuuming and washing my floors.  I’ve had robot vacuums in the past but this is next level technology.

Roborock S7 can mop and vacuum on hard floors and carpet areas in a single session. It lifts the mopping for 5mm when it travels on carpet which is good enough for low to medium pile carpets.  Because it uses Lidar for mapping, the vacuum mapped out all my roomss in the first cleaning.  And as Tom’s guide mentions..”Once a map is established, the S7 cleans methodically, outlining the edges of a room, then working in an S-shaped pattern”.  And best of all, using the S7 app, you can setup up all sorts of parameters to control which areas of your home you want it to clean.

I could get into all the nitty gritty details, but i’ll link to those below.  My purpose for writing these reviews was to strongly recommend certain products that have made life for me much easier.  The S7 cleans under tables, chairs, beds, sofas…and then returns to it’s base and empty’s out the dirt…and this is a total game-changer for me – why?..because I don’t have to bend over and lift, which is the motion and strain I’m always trying to avoid due to my history with herniated discs.

Add to this, that the S7+ recognizes floor from carpet and then is able to clean (vacuum AND mop) floors…well, that’s more than I’m able to do with my degenerating spine.  And for spots that it can’t reach, I still have my Dyson V15 and my Dyson handheld V7 (mine’s an older model)

Here’s a look at my total vacuuming cleaning setup:















Some video reviews of the Roborock S7+

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Buy it on here: Roborock S7 Max V Ultra

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