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Posture Pro Knee Pillow

One of the most common related issues with back pain is the inability to get a good night’s rest.  But before running out and purchasing a pricey adjustable bed, there’s a few simple adjustments one can make to get back to some quality zzzz’s.  And a knee pillow, for those that sleep on their side like I do,  was the perfect hack.

On the advice of a Naturopath, I upgraded from the standard pillow between the legs to one that’s scientifically designed to keep my spine straight will side-sleeping.   On the first night, I had my doubts.  It felt odd and I couldn’t get use to the blockiness of it. But by the third night, I was able to find the sweet-spot and relax in into the contours.  I did a quick test in the middle of the night, removed the straps, went back to my old ways (standard pillow between the legs)…then almost immediately switched back.  The Posture Pro was the new fixture in my sleep routine.

The strap, though clunky if you’re prone to getting up and going to the bathroom at night, does a good job of staying attached to the leg when switching sides.

Here’s the specs:

  • ✅ SOFT & COMFORTABLE – Made of the highest quality memory foam, our orthopedic knee pillow is designed to last, providing firm support but amazing comfort and softness. Ideal for side sleepers and pregnant women, the knee pillow cover is equipped with an adjustable strap to help keep in place all night. We even included a second FREE strapless cover!
  • ✅ IMPROVES POSTURE & ALIGNMENT – Highly recommended by medical professionals, the ergonomic contour of the cushion adds enough spacing for improved alignment of the legs, knees, hips, pelvis and spine. Promotes circulation and relieves pain from bursitis and sciatica.
  • ✅ COOLING GEL LAYER – The innovative cooling gel pads help dissipate body heat to help you feel cool and relaxed. This is especially helpful when inflammation is present.
  • ✅ FREE STRAPLESS BONUS COVER – Want to try the pillow without the adjustable strap? Need to wash the removable cover? In our mission to provide the highest quality, value, and service we added an extra breathable, machine washable, ultra soft strapless pillow cover ($15.00 value) for your convenience!
  • ✅ 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY – We stand behind our products and offer the best warranty in the industry. We offer a full 100% replacement guarantee on quality or manufacturer’s defect. Don’t settle for cheap imitations. Buy with confidence! Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Here’s the unboxing video of my Knee Pillow, to show you exactly what you get:


Buy it on Amazon here:  Posture Pro Memory Foam Knee Pillow




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