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Nayoya Acupressure Back Mat

So here’s a nifty gizmo for all my back pain brethren (and sisteren?). It’s called the Nayoya Acupressure Mat and it’s basically a foam mat with 6210 plastic spikes attached to it to mimic the effect of acupuncture treatment.  And here’s the story of how I scoffed, then purchased and now recommend this massage aid as it seems to relieve pressure on my back in the way that traditional acupuncture does.

I’m constantly on the hunt for back relief devices, aides, potions etc.  During one such intensive research session on Amazon, I came across the Nayoya Acupressure Mat.  It seemed gimmicky to say the least with what looked like golf spikes glued to a sheet.  But when I scrolled down past the product description I noticed it had over 1000 reviews and mostly 4 – 5 stars.  And from people that were as cynical as I was about goofy products that claim to have long-term health benefits.  But, here’s the review (about 6 pages deep into Nayoya’s Amazon page) that hooked me in. I felt the same way as the reviewer, Charlotta Ramsey:

“Let me first say ,that I was very skeptical at buying this product.I suffer and have for several years lower back pain that has almost all but taken me out of the game. I’d wake up in excruciating pain and couldn’t work out anymore and it would take me hours to get my back to stop hurting to be able to function for the day. Most of what I have is severe arthritis in my lower back. I was a power lifter for many years and I’m sure that contributed to my problems. I was at the point I was willing to try anything for back pain relief except for narcotics. I’m a waiter I’m on my feet for several hours of the day. So I go online looking for some kind of relief from my lower back pain I come I come across this mat. I thought what the hell I’ll spend the 50 some dollars it costs and I’ll try it. Well let me tell you something this is the first review I’ve ever written on a product that I purchased good or bad.and I’m here to tell you that this mat absolutely does what it says it will do. My back pain is all but gone from the first five minutes I got on this mat it relieved my back pain I’m not saying it’s 100% gone but I am saying it’s 85% gone….yadda, yadda

Well my back pain isn’t anywhere near ‘gone’ and for the record, Nayoya doesn’t make any claim to cure herniated discs. But the spiky mat does de-stress my back for hours at a time. So much so that I usually dose off after a few minutes of prickly rest. That heavy load I seem to be carrying on my lower back, especially at the end of a long work day disappears after 20 minutes on the mat.  I’m guessing it has something to do with muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation. The spikes on the mat aren’t painful at all, even on my bare back, but the spikes on the pillow feel a bit sharper and I usually just lay on regular pillow.

Here’s a link to an un-boxing of my Nayoya mat to give you an idea of what you get right out of the box.

Keep well everyone.

Buy It On Amazon Here: Nayoya Acupressure Mat

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