Discectomy Pain

Microdiscectomy Video (Actual)

An actual lumbar microdiscectomy performed by a qualified surgeon.  Warning:  video contains blood, tissues, bone etc…not for the squeamish.

Jon Kimball MS, Andrew Yew, MD and Daniel C. Lu, MD, PhD
Department of Neurosurgery, Ronald Reagan Medical Center, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Symptomatic disc herniation is a common indication for spinal operations. The open microscopic discectomy has been the traditional method of addressing this pathology, but minimally invasive techniques are increasingly popular.

Potential advantages of the MIS microdiscectomy approach include decreased muscle and soft tissue disruption, shorter length of stay and decreased postoperative pain. Here we demonstrate an MIS microdiscectomy on a 24-year-old female with a left L-4 and L-5 radiculopathy secondary to a large L4–5 disc herniation.


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