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Easy@Home Handheld TENS Unit

If you’ve bounced around between as many physiotherapy clinics as I have, it’s possible that you’re going there just for the the whacky gear.  You know, like the slightly modified gym equipment, the rack of tiny weights, the wide selection of bouncy balls, ropes, pulleys and elastic bands.  Oh, and of course, the gentle, soothing  pulse of the TENS unit.

TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS or TNS) and it’s the use of electric current produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes.  And at some point a brilliant man decided to develop a pocket-sized home version complete with sticky pads and sticky pad holders.

Enter the Easy@Home Handheld Tens Unit – a gizmo that at first glance, could be confused for your first generation mp3 player.  However, it’s precisely because of it’s handheld-iness that this TENS unit surprises all expectations. With it’s dual outputs allowing both sides of the body to be stimulated at once, it’s six pulse settings for a variety of errr…pulse options, and full range of intensity from very mild to high to…super duper shock-the-monkey!  The @Home is also rechargeable with a light on the DC adapter that shines so bright, that you could find it with your sleeping mask on.

So…how does it perform on a man with a back as beaten up as mine?  In a word…amazing.  I’m flat-out addicted and somewhat reliant on my daily routine of stretching then pulsing.  It’s become routine to do some physio exercises then wind down with a quick 2o minute round of TENS.  I sometimes cycle through the pulse setting and with individual left-side / right-side controls, I can modify the stimulation based on how tight either side is feeling.  The Easy@Home Handheld Tens Unit has a well lit back screen which really makes a difference if your laying on the ground where there’s not much light.

The therapeutic value of a TENS unit has been extremely worthwhile but until now, I didn’t get to the physic clinic often enough to get any extended benefit.  But in the last week, I noticed some of the ‘nervy’ pain that I normal get during the twilight hours has really dissipated to the point where I forget that I’m a back pain sufferer.

If I had a back product rating system, I would give this one 4/5 stars.  So celebrate, then stimulate!

Let’s get to it – my unboxing and quick shot in action of the Easy@Home Handheld Tens Unit:


As seen in the video above, here’s what it comes with:

  • The handheld unit
  • Four sticky pads with plastic sticky pad holders (where you stick pads when not using)
  • Charger, cables and basic instructions.

The Pros:

  • Well designed, portable unit with simple, easy to use setting.
  • Six different pulse modes with simple, identifiable icons.
  • Sticky pads that peel off easily and can be stored in separate holders.
  • Rechargeable with easy to locate charger.

The Cons:

  • Really sticky, sticky pads so you if you have hair…also, might need to re-0rder sticky pads, but that remains to be seen.

Keep well everyone,

Buy It On Amazon Here:  Easy@Home Handheld Tens Unit

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