Discectomy Pain

Discectomy Recovery: Another 5 People Tell Their Story

Due to popular demand, I bring you 5 more stories of people who have recently undergone back surgery and are well on their way to recovery.

Rebecca Meyer:

Rebecca has an amazing story to tell, one of over coming chronic backpain through surgery (laminectomy and discectomy). In her own words: “Here is what to expect after lumbar surgery! It has been a long 6 months of chronic pain! I had a herniated L5S1 disc that was severely pinching my root nerve! I just completed a laminectomy and discectomy! New me!”  I encourage you to subscribe to her channel to follow her inspiring journey.

Week 1

Week 2: Sciatic pain gone, but niggly, numb sensation develops.  Also feels exhausted and some incision pain.

Week 5: Rebecca discusses meds / numbness / sleep / exercise /


Ryan Paschke:

This video series starts the day before Ryan, a 30 year old athlete, goes into surgery.  In his own words: “Recorded the day before getting my L4-L5 discectomy surgery. This is the first part of the series. Hopefully these videos can help someone out. Keep in mind, I am not a doctor so don’t hold me to all of my terminology lol. Before Surgery I considered myself an athlete who has a very physical job and lives a very active lifestyle. I injured my back squatting 315 lbs for reps and my 1 rep max at the time was 475.”

PreOp:  Ryan explains how pain developed down his left leg.

First 48 hours:  Ryan describes prepping for surgery / soreness / nausea from meds / difficulty get up and down.

Week 1:  Despite tightness, feels much better / no leg pain / importance of not re-herniating /

Week 2: Change of Meds / Emotional roller-coaster /Importance of rest / Less leg pain

Month 4:  No Sciatic Pain / Impatience / Physical Therapy / Exercise


Isabel Ross:

In this three-part video, Isabel tells us about her laminectomy / discectomy at L5/S1.  In her own words: “I really wanted to do a video and a follow up videos because watching others post about their experience really helped me and my hope is that maybe there is someone else out there that my story helps. Thank you so much for watching and being open to me sharing my experience!”

Week 1: Post Op: Immediate relief but usual numbness / reduce walking due to swelling /degenerative disc

Week 3: Hip pain and numbness  / Re-herniation scare / Inflammation / Claw stick for picking up items /

Month 3: Feeling better  / Physical Therapy / Meds to control inflammation / Patience is key / Body mechanics


Mark Baker 

Like many of us suffering from prolonged Sciatica, Mark opts for surgery and describes his journey.  In his own words: “I decided to have a microdiscectomy after living with sciatica for 8 months. I’ve uploaded a series of videos to document my recovery to help anyone who is thinking of having the surgery. This video was taken 2 days after surgery.

Day 2: Walking and feeling good / Ice packs  / Reduce pain meds /

Month 1: Pain free / minor tingling / successful surgery

Tips and Tricks:  Mark gives us some tips and tricks for support and recovery.


Claire Simmonds:

Claire’s journey starts two weeks post surgery from a herniated disc at L4/L5.

Week 2:   Pressure and pain gone / muscle spasms /leg weakness / Upcoming PT

Week 1


1 Year:  body adjusting and healing / exercise / much better sleep / encouragement /


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