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Reviews of back pain products.

Roborock S7+

Recently,  I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain radiating down my left leg.  I know why this is happening, and also know that if it gets worse, like it did in 2015 – I could be facing yet another surgery to reduce the sciatic nerve pain.

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Posture Pro Knee Pillow

One of the most common related issues with back pain is the inability to get a good night’s rest.  But before running out and purchasing a pricey adjustable bed, there’s a few simple adjustments one can make to get back to some quality zzzz’s.  And a knee pillow, for those that sleep on their side like I do,  was the perfect hack.

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Firefly 2

Before I launch into the review of the Firefly 2, let’s begin with a basic question: why would anyone with backpain want to vape in the first place…?  Isn’t taking CBD oil enough to relieve inflammation and chronic nerve pain caused by degenerative, herniated discs?  One of the biggest reasons to vape is that it is the quickest way for cannabis to enter your system allowing for almost immediate pain relief from a more concentrated dosage.

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Salonpas Pain Patch

For back pain caused by inflammation, I abandoned using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory meds years ago after reading up on how bad these pills were for my stomach.  It’s been well researched and reported that prolonged used of Ibuprofen can lead to heart problems and intestinal bleeding.  A safer way to use anti-inflammatory medication is to use it locally, applied directly to the skin on the areas of the body where inflammatory pain persists.  There’s lots of different creams on the market, but the one I’ve found to be most effective are Salonpas patches.  These stick directly to my back and on days where I’ve been sitting for long periods of time and can feel that burning sensation caused by inflammation, I apply a patch and within 15 minutes can feel it working.

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Easy@Home Handheld TENS Unit

If you’ve bounced around between as many physiotherapy clinics as I have, it’s possible that you’re going there just for the the whacky gear.  You know, like the slightly modified gym equipment, the rack of tiny weights, the wide selection of bouncy balls, ropes, pulleys and elastic bands.  Oh, and of course, the gentle, soothing  pulse of the TENS unit.
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Quickie Tile n’ Tub Scrubber

Over the years, my back has had some ups and downs making household tasks extremely challenging.  Specifically, cleaning the bathroom which usually requires intense pressure to wipe away built-up dirt and grime in often awkward positions,  has turned into a torturous routine that has the potential to wrecks me for days. Read More

Pwr+ Laptop desk

So this recent Amazon purchase falls into the ‘makes my life a little bit easier’ category.  I’m referring to home or office gadgets that reduce the pain and strain (on my back) of every day life.  Life hacks basically. And to this end, my latest back-easing purchase is the Pwr+ Laptop Desk – a fold-able tray with built in fans to keep a laptop well ventilated. Read More

Nayoya Acupressure Back Mat

So here’s a nifty gizmo for all my back pain brethren (and sisteren?). It’s called the Nayoya Acupressure Mat and it’s basically a foam mat with 6210 plastic spikes attached to it to mimic the effect of acupuncture treatment.  And here’s the story of how I scoffed, then purchased and now recommend this massage aid as it seems to relieve pressure on my back in the way that traditional acupuncture does. Read More