Discectomy Pain

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Back Pain Medication: Painkillers for relief

Treating back pain with painkillers has become a controversial topic.  And there’s a particular stigma against people that regularly use opiates to treat back pain. The media reports on the use and misuse of drugs such as Oxycontin and morphine almost daily, backed with statistics of rising rates of overdose.

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A Bad Back Uncovered

I was traveling through India in early December 2010 when ye ol’ back starting acting up again.  The years of backpacking across the globe had taken it’s toll on my spine, and somewhere between Pune and New Delhi, I was hammered by pain in my lower back radiating down my leg.  It began with a dull ache and a few days later I was in a familiar position; laid out on a bed, this time under a ceiling fan in Chandhigarh.  While visiting my grandmother in the city that I was born, I was suffering through another bad flare up and wondering how I would make it back home.

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Recovery: Exercise Without Re-injury

Exercise is an important step towards recovering from any injury.  When you’re dealing with herniated discs it’s particularly tricky to find the right routine to get your strength and flexibility back. And if your lower back is as temperamental as mine, you’re constantly reminded that one wrong twist or bend could land you back in bed for or worse, the operating table.

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Spinal Stenosis

In 2011, as my neurosurgeon was explaining the results of the Laminectomy, he casually mentioned that I had condition known as Spinal Stenosis, most likely congenital and most likely the cause of my Sciatica.  Of course, this was all news to me and I wondered why it hadn’t been noticed on the MRI scan.  Regardless, I had a new back ailment to add to the growing list and one that a Laminectomy should partially fix.

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