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5 Best BackPain Podcasts

With the rise of podcasts as a platform for free-flowing dialogue and discussion, Here’s some of the most informative and enlightening conversations with doctors and medical professionals about the various types of back pain ( conditions / injuries), treatments and new medical advances in spinal care.

Spine Talk:  Produced by the Texas Back Institute, Spine Talk covers a wide variety of back pain issues including:

    • Herniated Discs: The discs are immediately in front of the spinal cord and exiting nerves, so when the herniated disc or protrusion compresses the spinal cord or nerves, leg or arm pain and numbness or weakness may occur.
    • Degenerative Disc Disease: There is promising news for millions of patients who suffer from lower back pain and disability caused by degenerative disc disease. Researchers in Hong Kong recently published their findings in the medical journal Spine
    • Disc Replacement Surgery: Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery, how the technology has evolved since he helped bring it to the United States nearly 20 years ago, and what can be done for the small percentage of patients that may need a revision surgery.
    • Sciatica – Symptoms and Treatments: A general discussion with Dr. Michael Hisey about the causes and treatments.

The Back Doctors:  With over 147 individual podcasts, complete with show notes, this is one of the most comprehensive audio archives on the internet specializing on mainly chiropractic care of spine issues.  Admittedly, this sites a bit quirky to navigate as the show notes and podcast are on different pages so you might have to dig around for the podcast, but there’s a lot of valuable information presented in the form of real-life chiropractic sessions:

    • Lumbar Fusion: On this episode, spine specialist Dr. Kevin Keyes shares a story of a 68 y.o. woman who sought his help after having two spine surgeries.
    • Spinal Stenosis: Spine specialist, Dr. Michael McMurray shares a success story of a stenosis patient who doubted that he would ever get better.
    • Disc Herniations: Spine specialist, Dr. Kip Corbin shares a story of a disc herniation patient that is shown to be reduced on the post MRI.

HumanOS – How to Avoid or Improve Back Pain with Stuart McGill: No discussion of backspin is complete without hearing from one of the true giants in the field of spine biomechanics.   A real down to earth discussion about back pain that doesn’t delve too deep into medical-speak.  From the Weightlifter to the Yoga Master, Dr. McGill engages in an easy to follow discussion about spinal biomechanics with simple steps to reduce pain. Topics discussed include:

    • Whether “nonspecific” back pain exists.
    • Common back pain presentations and causes.
    • Whether back surgery is a good idea.
    • Spine hygiene.
    • Training the back..
    • The remarkable benefits to be had by coaching people about how to move in the workplace.
    • What people who experience back pain during sex can do to overcome this problem.
    • Meditation and back pain.

For a lot more of Dr. McGill, check out BackfitPro where you’ll find over a hundred podcasts that go into more detail of spine mechanics. This site truly is the gold standard in spine rehabilitation.

Why Spinal Surgery Doesn’t Solve Back PainAnother frank discussion about the pitfalls of surgery. David Hanscom, MD, explains why spine surgery is not the antidote that so many people with chronic back pain seek.

Rethinking what’s best for low back pain: “You can never consider surgery as your best option…because an intact spine, is always better than a surgically altered spine”  This quote comes from author Cathryn Jakobson Ramin, who’s book Crooked, I reviewed on this blog a few years ago.

New evidence shows expensive treatments, sometimes risky, like surgery and cortisone injections, are overused to treat back pain. Cheap, effective care is under-used. Then there are new understandings of how best to deal with back pain. It’s about movement — and retraining the brain. So says this podcast with a several high profile health professionals echoing the same sentiment.

Guests: Deirdre McGee (Physiotherapist) / Mark Hancock (Assoc. Professor of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, Macquarie University) Simon Macklin (Anaesthetist, Adelaide) /Daniel Harvie (Assistant Professor, Pain Researcher, Bond University) / David Butler (Director, Neuro Orthopaedic Institute, Flinders University) / Lorimer Moseley (Prof. of Clinical Neurosciences, Chair in Physiotherapy, University of South Australia)

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